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22 juil. 2015
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Modical: Virtual Game SS 2016

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22 juil. 2015

Innovative technologies. Augmented reality. The borders between the real and the virtual world vanish. Digital natives join together technology and fun to create products and experiences. Optic illusions, neon lights, 3D, fluorescence and luminescence create a vibrant, saturated universe.

Virtual Game

Glossy, viscous, gleaming leathers with an artificial look. Patent leather. Metallic and laminated leathers. Rubberised leathers. Iridescent materials. Translucent vinyl and PVC. Kaleidoscopic engravings. Laser perforations. Polyurethane membranes. Meshes. Elastic knit. Nonwovens. Compact fabrics. Technical fabrics (knitted polyester yarn, 3D mesh fabric, lycra and nylon). Sports and technical buckles: trident, stair or press buckles. Watertight zippers. Rubber or neoprene labels or logos with fluorescent details. Elastic bands and touch-and-close fasteners. Rings and buttons in basic geometric shapes.

Virtual Game colours

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