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15 juil. 2015
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Modical: Emoti-pop SS 2016

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15 juil. 2015

Rejection of stereotypes and rules. No to a world constrained by gender, sexuality and ethnics. Search for happiness in everyday things. Success of the “soft power”. Pop and romanticism masters merge together. Tender, sweet and funny subversion.


Matte leathers: chamois, suede and nubuck. Smooth leathers or leathers with subtle reliefs. Lacquered, enamelled or wet-look surfaces. Milky or bleached finishes. Light, fluffy and malleable fabrics. Elastic cotton. Denim. Printed silk with PU coating. Satin. Muslin, organza and lace. Sequins and glitter. Summer knits. Romantic inspired buckles in oval or round shapes made from dyed acetate. Transparent pieces with colour filters. Decorations with figurative hand motifs. Knots, XL bows. Embroideries. Piping. Bows and tassels.

Emoti-pop colours

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