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3 juil. 2015
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ISPO Textrends. Textile Trend: Probe

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3 juil. 2015

Rethinking old traditions and delivering new concepts is pivotal to PROBE, as we explore what we have and how we can reengineer it to create the next generation fabrics and trims. Pioneering and future forward, this textile trend doesn’t just focus on the ingredients, we also need to be looking at the finishes and structures. It’s all about newness; how we can adapt existing offerings combined with incorporating state-of the- art technology and new products.

3D printing, hyper realistic structures and prints through to embedded smart technology feature in taking sports trims and components to a new level. This is a very conscientious trend towards futurism. Fabrics and trims are incredibly light but maintain high levels of function. For appearance look to semi dull and iridescent finishes in creating new visual appeal. Consider metallics through to liquid waxy finishes for a robotic shell look. Bi-stretch wovens can be lustered up or delustered through pattern formation in creating something a little bit different and unique.

Textile Trend: Probe - ISPO Textrends


  • Bright synthetics for a modern luster – opt for recycled synthetic for an eco angle
  • Polypropylene enhances the lightness of this direction – newly available in dyeable qualities
  • Space dyed yarns bring detail to surfaces
  • Silver fabrics and finishes for added permanent performance
  • Take a look at the new generation fibers in creating lighter weight fabrics with anti tear appeal
  • Look to the hosiery sector in creating barely-there base layers that are strong with built-in performance
  • Micro true and mock mesh for anatomical styling and linings in outer layers
  • Micro acrylic in blends for ultra light finish plus thermal contribution
  • Eco friendly membranes and coatings with full on performance
  • PU stretch membranes


  • Super light featherweights for base layers
  • 3D printed components – molded plastic elements
  • Reflective trims – consider new colorways
  • Colored multi functional membranes on lighter base fabrics
  • High luster coatings and membranes with delustering contrasting effects
  • Push the synthetic side of this trend – we want bright, dazzling and superbly clean in both knits and wovens
  • Colored functional coatings that deliver a high end gleam
  • Compact fabrics in warp knit and woven that lend the way for next generation tape for heat bonding
  • Crisp and compact rip stops
  • Paper touch rip stops
  • Ultra light fleece for second layers
  • Super light yet still maintaining high levels of performance in knits and wovens
  • A modern and light approach to zippers and trim components – they take on a new morphology – rethink the traditional concept
  • Iridescent and reflective prints and coatings that catch the light


  • All sectors of the outdoor market from synthetic base layers through to ultra light multi functional outer layers with bi-stretch
  • High tech base layers – lightweight but with anatomical power
  • Pro-sport base layers
  • Gym and high impact workout
  • Running


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